Module B1 - Slide 5


Here’s a photo of the same street crossing, as it might be seen by someone with overall reduced visual acuity. What’s still visible here? Scroll down to see if you’ve gotten them all.

(Scroll down)





Answers: Crosswalk lines, cars (if their color contrasts with the background), some poles, the color difference between the sidewalk and street or the sidewalk and the lawn, possibly the pedestrian in the crosswalk (depends on contrast), and possibly the words on the sign in the foreground if close enough.

However, a person with this type of vision can’t see the pedestrian signal. They also can’t read the street sign mounted beside the vehicular signal, or see the signal clearly.

Many individuals with vision similar to this do not use a white cane or other aid that identifies them as visually impaired, so you might not know that they’re visually impaired.