Module G - Slide 11


3. Find pushbutton and explore APS

Searching for a pushbutton using a systematic pattern is important to not getting disoriented and being able to return to the appropriate departure location. Even with a pushbutton locator tone, it’s easy to become disoriented if careful turns and a straight travel path is not used. Some people have a tendency to just go toward the locator tone they hear, and that may cause disorientation if they aren’t careful about their turns. Once the APS is found, the blind pedestrians should turn to try to face the street they want to cross and explore the APS and its functioning. First, locate the tactile arrow and confirm that APS/pushbutton is for the that the pedestrian is wanting to cross rather than the other street at the intersection. Hold button down for more than one second and see if more information is provided by a speech message or different functioning (audible beaconing) of the device. Listen to APS and traffic for full cycle while standing at the pushbutton and make sure that tones or speech correspond with traffic information.