Appendix B: Product Information


Information on Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) manufacturers was obtained directly from manufacturers and manufacturers' web sites and is accurate as of May 2007. Be sure to confirm features, functioning, and installation requirements of APS with the manufacturer before purchase, as APS product offerings are constantly changing. New manufacturers may enter the U.S. market at any time; this appendix lists ones that authors of this Guide are aware of at the time of publication. Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester, Michigan, has plans to develop an APS based on the previously available Relume system. Talking Signs and Mitsubishi are continuing on development and testing of their product for street crossings devices in Japan. Talking Signs is working with Polara on a combined system for U.S. installation. There are a number of companies manufacturing and distributing APS in other countries and more development can be expected.

The descriptions of features of APS, as well as how these features are used by pedestrians who are blind and visually impaired can be found in Chapter 4. If the manufacturer uses a term different from the terms commonly used in this document for a feature, the manufacturer's term is listed in parentheses.

In the descriptions of each product, "standard features" refer to features that are included in the standard price or on all models. "Optional features" refer to features that must be ordered extra or need special specifications on ordering (i.e., speech messages or pushbutton information messages that may need to be recorded by the manufacturer).

View the web only document for product information from these companies as of May 2007.