APS Online Workshop: Overview

This section of the website presents an online, self-paced version of the Accessible Pedestrian Signals Workshop. This workshop was conducted in person at various cities around the U.S. from 2008 to 2013 with funding from NCHRP Project 3-62. The in-person workshop was a full day (6 hours) of training. In order to continue the dissemination of the guidance developed under NCHRP Project 3-62, the workshop has been converted to an online format and presented here on this website.

The format of this online workshop is similar to that of a PowerPoint presentation. Each module consists of a set of slides with accompanying text. This text presents the content of what the instructors would typically say for each slide during the in-person workshop. It also serves as descriptive text to be used by screenreaders or other accessibility tools for those with blindness or low vision.

Each module can be navigated using the links on the left side of the screen. While we recommend proceeding through the online workshop from start to finish (for content continuity), the left-side links allow anyone to jump to a specific module regardless of its placement in the progression. This can also be useful for returning to the online workshop at a later time and picking up where you left off.

For a text-only version of the APS Online Workshop, click here.