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You may be more familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 than with Section 504. It’s important to remember and recognize that the ADA is a civil rights law,. Enforcement is somewhat different from other regulations and standards that you may be familiar with. It specifically prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. There are five sections of the Act. Title l  addresses employment, while Title II  is focused on  state and local government services . Title III is the section on  public accommodations and commercial facilities  (stores, buildings open to the public, other privately owned facilities, if they are open to the public). Title IV addresses telecommunications, setting up things like relay services for individuals who are deaf. Title V  directs Access Board to develop minimum technical provisions and covers some other miscellaneous issues.

We’ll mainly be talking today about Title II responsibilities, since we’re focusing on state and local government services. Unlike the Rehab Act requirements, the ADA applies to all programs and facilities, regardless of funding source.