Module C - Slide 7


The raised tactile arrow can be different sizes and slightly different shapes, as well as mounted in different locations on various manufacturers’ devices. The photos on this slide show some of the different devices available and the location of the arrows. In the photo on the left a blind pedestrian is standing with his dog guide, with his left hand on the arrow while waiting to cross.  In the second photo from the left, the raised arrow is on the pushbutton.  Third from left, the raised arrow is above the pushbutton.  In the far right photo, the arrow is also on the pushbutton of the APS.  MUTCD currently requires the arrow to be on the pushbutton; that was related to research results that showed blind pedestrians had more difficulty finding the arrow when it was at other places on the device.

Photo locations: Charlotte NC – first two; Third is Manchester, Connecticut;  Fourth is Tucson, AZ