Module E2 - Slide 11


East and Dilworth “After":

Photo description: Same intersection, same perspective after APS installation. Pushbutton for Dilworth (minor street) crossing was installed on the pedestrian signal pole: note that it is on the side facing the intersection and the sidewalk for that street, parallel to the crosswalk. The APS for crossing the major street was installed on the wooden pole; the APS faces the intersection and the face (and pushbutton and tactile arrow) is parallel to the crossing of the major street. Installation on a utility pole might not be possible in some jurisdictions, but this pole was well-located for the crossing and the option should certainly be investigated in situations such as this. Both APS/pushbuttons are reachable from the paved sidewalk and level landing area, important for people with mobility impairments.

Note that these poles were over 10 feet apart. Although there is a need for detectable warnings and ramp improvements, they were not within the scope of this project which was just to respond to a request for APS for both crossings here.