Module E2 - Slide 41


Yes, it is OK.

As noted on the slide, it meets all the criteria of the MUTCD for pushbutton placement:

  1. There is a level landing by pushbutton
  2. And an accessible path to the ramp
  3. The pushbutton is between the edge of the crosswalk line (extended) farthest from the center of the intersection and the side of a curb ramp (if present), but not greater than 5 feet from said crosswalk line;
  4. It’s also between 1.5 and 6 feet from the edge of the curb, shoulder, or pavement
  5. And with the face of the pushbutton parallel to the crosswalk to be used
  6. And at a mounting height of approximately 3.5 feet, but no more than 4 feet, above the sidewalk, although there could be some question about whether the MUTCD allows the pushbutton to be outside the crosswalk line.