Module F - Slide 5


The next several slides will address specifications for various parts of the APS installation.
The pushbutton must be placed so that a wheelchair user can reach it. Although the MUTCD specifies that pushbuttons be installed at a height no greater than 48 inches, a strict measurement in relation to the pole can sometimes lead to a poor installation. The user should always be kept in mind.

Examples: in the picture on the left, the pushbutton has technically been installed at the correct distance from the base of the pole, but because the pole is installed on a curb almost 12 inches above the sidewalk level, the pushbutton is unreachable by a wheelchair user who is on the sidewalk and difficult to reach for someone who is not tall. In the picture on the left, the pushbutton is so far off the sidewalk in the bushes that it is not usable. In addition, barriers have been stored between the sidewalk and the pushbutton.