Module E1 - Slide 2


In both new construction and retrofits, there are some factors that should be considered when designing the APS installation. Although consistency of design of APS throughout the city will make it easier for a blind pedestrian to navigate unfamiliar intersections, and might also assist in general public recognition and acceptance of APS, each manufacturer's device looks a little different from others. It is interesting to note that in some foreign countries – Australia, for example – all manufacturer's devices look and function identically. The only way you can tell which manufacturer's device it is, is to look on the back for the manufacturer's name. That is not happening in the U.S. though although many of the features are fairly consistent and that consistency should be adequate to allow people to use them effectively. As mentioned earlier, there are different requirements for some features, notably the walk indication that depend on the location of the devices on a corner. We'll talk more about that as we go through this module.